We are not aganist the nature,

We cooperate with nature.


Cotton production represents 3% of world agriculture. The raw materials used in the production of cotton textiles pass through many stages from the soil to the customer. During this process the use of chemicals represents 16% of chemical products produced worldwide. Even after multiple washes some of these chemicals remain on the cotton and can be harmful to the body.

Organic cotton is produced without using toxic materials. No genetically modified seeds, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers are used in Ecocotton Home Textile products, which have been GOTS certified (document number 811198) to guarantee this.


Each product label includes this certification number to give customers confidence in our products. The GOTS standards include all aspects of organic textile production, including growth, processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, sales and distribution of natural fibres. Ecocotton products are certified as organic and manufactured in environmentally friendly facilities to be the best choice for sensitive skin.
Our Products Are Nature Friendly Ecocotton products are soft and water absorbent. We use Aegean cotton, which is prime quality and 100% organic. Improve your sleep with an Ecocotton duvet or feel soothed wrapped in an Ecocotton bathrobe. Do yourself a favour and choose Ecocotton's eco-friendly products.